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Group I Flameproof 90D Elbow

Group I Flameproof 90D Elbow

Constructed from either brass or stainless steel, with a nylon seal and epoxy resin, the Group I 90 degree flameproof gland is a high quality, high specification product, ideal for Ex I & II 2 GD gas and dust, Exde IIC and Exe II applications.

Group I & II
Zones 1, 2, 21, 22
Class I Div 2 ABCD
Class II Div 1 EFG

Temperature Rating
-60°c to +130°c

ATEX :- Sira 09ATEX1231X
IECEx :- IECEx Sira09.0103X
CSA File No 2310045
InMetro :- UL-BR15.0330X

IP Rating

Product Approvals

Part No Finish Size Thread
HAMM0304E Nickel Plated 16mm M20
HAMM0404E Nickel Plated 20mm M20
HAMM0505E Nickel Plated 25mm M25
HAMM0606E Nickel Plated 32mm M32
HAMM0707E Nickel Plated 40mm M40
HAMM0808E Nickel Plated 50mm M50
HAMM0909E Nickel Plated 63mm M63
HAAM0304E Nickel Plated 16mm 1/2NPT
HAAM0404E Nickel Plated 20mm 1/2NPT
HAAM0505E Nickel Plated 25mm 3/4NPT
HAAM0606E Nickel Plated 32mm 1 NPT
HAAM0707E Nickel Plated 40mm 1 1/4NPT
HAAM0808E Nickel Plated 50mm 1 1/2NPT
HAAM0909E Nickel Plated 63mm 2 NPT
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